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On Wings of Waste is an heroic for pilot Jeremy Rowsel.

On Wings of Waste is an heroic venture – Jeremy Rowsell is piloting a small plane half way around the world over mountains and oceans through unpredictable weather. That takes courage plus immense stamina and skill.

However, the flight is a tool to highlight something more important than a feat of derring -do. The core purpose of On Wings of Waste is to highlight scientific discovery and to educate us about the real possibility of environmental rescue.

The flight is being undertaken with two clear goals in mind. The first is to alert the worldwide community to the damage that this global littering of end life plastic is doing to the ecosystem and the threat is poses to humankind itself. The second goal is to educate governments, commerce and citizens about the scientific and technological advances that can convert the plastic garbage choking our seas into a useful and valuable fuel revolutionising the way we drive all engines in the future. On Wings of Waste will demonstrate how a change of behaviour can save the oceans of the world and, therefore, life on earth.