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Mission and Outcomes

Jeremy’s inspiration for this flight came from meeting with Jo Ruxton who worked on BBC’s Blue Planet, and had filmed the impact of plastic in our oceans.

‘On Wings of Waste’ aims to raise awareness about this issue and to bring global attention to the need to put a value on plastic waste and enable people to become involved in the creation of awareness and solutions that lower the carbon footprint, reduce the volume of waste pouring into the oceans and cut the cost of energy worldwide.  

Mission and Outcomes:

  • RECYCLE – public support for a recycling campaign
  • RE-USE – the plastic waste is transformed into fuel to be blended with Jet A1
  • REFUEL – airlines use a 10% blend of fuel derived from plastic waste
  • RESCUE – pollution of the world’s oceans is slowed down and eventually halted. 


In summary, his overriding objectives are education, action, sustainability and preservation.